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How To Buy From Auction
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 Shop & Compare
We recommend our clients to first check the USS site for a suitable vehicle Go To Auction Demo Sites. Once we know the type of vehicle you are looking for we can search for similar vehicles at other auction houses. If we find additional vehicles which we feel meet your requirements, we will send you photos, details, and an auction sheet. This way Lita Ltd. increases your options and helps you to find the best price for the vehicle of your choise.
 Decide To Bid
Once you find a suitable vehicle you are free to make a bid. Lita Ltd. is experienced and ready to help you make an appropriate bid.
Deposit 30% of car cost / Minimum Deposit US$ 1,000 and fax us your payment slip.
Then, you are entitled to place your bid only after our confirmation of your payment.Your deposit shall be applied as advance payment.
 Request For Bid
Place your request for Bid by 7:00AM (Japan Local Time) on the auction day. Your bidding price is considered the ceiling price, and we try to get the lowest price. We prescreen your price to check if it is a realistic figure. Also, we actually evaluate the car directly at available auction houses. As a result of this, we will not bid on cars we determine they are worthless.
* Make certain of your country's import regulations and laws before you request a bid. We are NOT responsible for any loss resulting from your country's regulations.
Successful bidders are obligated to make final payments within 4 days.
Your Final Payment is calculated by subtracting your Deposit from the Successful Bid Price. In addition to cost of the vehicle at auction a US$ 800 fee is charged per vehicle only if your bid is successful.
The fee includes all of the below:
  1. Shipping agent's fee
  2. Documentation charges
  3. De-registration
  4. Customs clearance
  5. Booking with first available ship to your port
  6. Parking of car at yard till the arrival of ship
  7. Loading of car in ship
  8. Sending shipping documents by courier (EMS or TNT)
Local transportation costs from the Auction Site to the nearest Sea Port depends on the location of the auction site in Japan and will be quoted separately. (You can expect local transportation costs to average between USD 60 and USD 800)
Fees payable for unsuccessful bids:
Bidding Fee JPY 1,000
(At current exchange rates the bidding fee is the USD equivalent of less than USD 10)
On Every successful bid, customer pay followings:
  1. Bidding Price (Balance)
  2. US$ 800 (Our Commission+Other Fees)
  3. Local Transportation (if required)
  4. Freight
  5. Marine Insurance (if needed)
  6. Pre Shipment Inspection Cost (if required)
Transfer Payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Our Bank Account details for Payment by TT are as follows:
The Gifu Shinkin Bank
Higashi Konan Branch
address 71 Miwa, Imaichiba-cho, Konan, Aichi
tel +81 587 55 8111
Our account number: 0305318
Account name: Lita ltd.
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