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How To Buy From Stock
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Check Your Import Regulation
We are not a professional about your country's import regulation. We can not offer professional advice on the method you import or register used Japanese vehicle in your country. Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some cars or models. You need to check your country's regulations before you begin the purchasing process. Any damage &/or loss arising from import regulations is to be borne by the customer.
Select Vehicle
When you find the right vehicle to purchase, press "GET QUOTE " button to have them in your shopping cart. But you must login yourself to add the vehicle in your shopping cart or if you are not a member yet then do the registration first.
Further if you wish to get quote more than one vehicle, just press the "Continue Shopping" button and search for more vehicles.
Member Login
Please login to order your vehicles.
Select Currency
When you found all the vehicles, First, click either "Yen" or "US$" or "Euro" at Stock list page. You can choose the currency you wish for payment, the press the "NEXT" button to move on.
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