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Proforma Invoice
Within 2 business days from the quotation, you will receive "Proforma Invoice" confirming the exact amount you pay. There are two payment options.
1. Payment of full I/V amount within 2 businesss days in which case we will hold the car and book for shipment upon confirmation of your full payment.
2. Payment of 20% of I/V amount or USD 1,000 whichever is greater within 2 business days, and remaining amount within 9 business days. In which case, we will hold the car upon confirmation of initial payment and book for shipment when we confirm full payment.
3. Notwithstanding the above, with regards to customers with deposit of more than 20% of I/V amount or USD 1,000 whichever is greater, sales contract is concluded when the "SUBMIT" button is pressed in "Step4" and the "Proforma Invoice" is sent by e-mail.
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